πŸ”Έyin & sounds autumn retreat 2018πŸ”Έ☆
Lower Marsh Farm, Cornwall
Friday 9th - Sunday 11th November

Yin & Sounds is a deep and powerful blend of restorative yin yoga and ancient healing sounds.  These profound immersions will bring your entire being into a state of complete relaxation.  The tradition of yin yoga invites the body to drop in to deep inner stillness, while the transformational and healing qualities of drum vibration, singing bowl, gong, crystal bowl, koshi chimes and more allow the body to reach a state within which natural healing can take place; making for a truly magical yin & sounds experience.

Dominique is the 'yin' side of yin & sounds.
Dominique guides you through a yin and restorative yoga practice while you soak up the ancient healing sounds brought to you by Kate.

Yin Yoga is a yoga tradition that holds stillness within the pose, allowing you to enter a wonderfully mindful state as you settle into the breath and the sensations of the body.  Dominique also includes the softness of restorative yoga in these immersions encouraging total relaxation and deep rest.

Kate is the ‘sounds’ side of ‘yin & sounds’. Whilst Dominique guides you through the poses, Kate brings the wonderful healing sounds and vibrations into your practice.

Each person will experience 1-on-1 sound healing work during an immersion, as well as receiving a gorgeously relaxing, yet energizing group sound bath. The frequencies will allow you to experience a deep state of relaxation - encouraging the body to let go of any stress and tension, as well as a fabulous sense of increased mental and physical energy.

Sound healing is an ancient healing practice that works on a deep cellular level. It uses the frequencies from various instruments to ‘lock in’ with your own unique resonant frequency, helping to reinstate balance and harmony. This state encourages natural healing to take place, helping you achieve a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life
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